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You don't have to exchange so much of your time (and money!) trying to find quality resources to supplement your math lessons.

Teacher friend, if you've been feeling...

...I totally get it, because I've been there too.

As a fellow math teacher, I know how much you want your students to understand and appreciate math.

(And maybe even help them ENJOY it?!)

I also know how much of your own time & money you regularly have to give up in order to make that happen.

Imagine what life would look like if you had access to a treasure trove of unique math resources specifically designed to...

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  • Build their number sense...
  • Foster conceptual understanding...
  • Encourage real-world application of the math they're learning...

AND what if you could find those activities all in ONE place?

Meet your new teaching BFF.

Math Geek Mama+ is a vast (and growing!) collection of student-centered math resources for grades 5-8 to help you supplement your lessons without spending so much of your own time and money!

Your Math Geek Mama+ membership will give you instant access to:

  • A wide assortment of printable AND digital activities for grades 5-8, specifically designed for student-centered instruction
  • Resources located in ONE spot on a completely ad-free membership site
  • New math activities added EVERY month!

Whether you're teaching whole number operations, fractions, geometry, solving equations, or any other middle school math topic, our materials provide the perfect complement to your lessons!

Get started for just $12/month!

MGM+ focuses on meaningful student learning, not boring teacher lectures.

(Which means way less work for you!)

Our goal is to provide resources that are student-centered, providing lots of opportunities for students to explore, make sense of, and retain what they learn.

This means we focus LESS on teacher explanations and focus MORE on students digging in & doing the hard work of problem-solving, discovering math properties and patterns, and talking or writing about what they know.

In sum 😉, the resources in MGM+ help math STICK with your students.

Check out how we do that! 👇

A student-centered approach doesn't just mean less work for you, it also means a MUCH RICHER understanding of math concepts for your students.

(Nope, not too good to be true!)

Here's just some of what you'll love about the student-centered instruction that we promote with Math Geek Mama+ materials:

When students actively participate in developing & building on their knowledge through hands-on activities, discussions, and problem-solving tasks, they develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. This understanding goes beyond memorization, enabling students to apply math to real-world scenarios.

A student-centered approach fosters active engagement and participation. By incorporating interactive activities, group work, and relevant real-life examples, we can capture their interest and motivation.

By providing students with opportunities to tackle challenging and open-ended math tasks, we develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This encourages them to think creatively, explore multiple strategies, and justify their reasoning, which are vital skills in both math and life.

Student-centered instruction acknowledges that students have diverse learning styles, strengths, and needs. By differentiating our instruction through varied tasks, projects, and resources, we can better meet each student at their individual level.

Plus, here's even more to love about MGM+:

No endless scrolling & searching! Quickly find the resources you need.

Get instant access to ALL grades 5-8 resources on an ad-free website!

Get access to freebies, products, and activities that you can't find anywhere else.

Resources in MGM+ will help your students build number sense, develop conceptual understanding & apply the math they’re learning.

We're committed to continuously expanding our library of resources to provide you with fresh & innovative materials!

With your MGM+ membership, you'll also get exclusive discounts on other MGM products such as our PD courses + Digital Math Games!

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Want to check out what you'll find in MGM+?

To help you create a classroom where students are free to explore and discover, you’ll find resources that focus on: 

Here are the types of resources you'll find in MGM+ to support that student-centered learning:

Simple warm-up activities that you can use to review previous skills, challenge students to think deeper or start math discussions. Includes things like “math problem of the day” “error analysis tasks” and “would you rather…? tasks”

Visual, hands-on learning is not just for elementary school! All students benefit from concrete models, visual pictures, diagrams and tools that they can see and feel. Includes things like learning with Skittles, Algebra tiles, and visual models (number lines, area models, tables, graphs, etc.)

Introducing a new concept can be interesting and engaging with scaffolded lessons that help students discover or visualize key math topics and formulas. This might include a real life context, hands on tools or simply exploring patterns to learn something new.

Do you use a math workshop model? Do you need more time monitoring student progress in small groups? Find games, task cards and puzzles that you can use as a fun math center in your classroom.

There are no boring worksheets here! Find fun print-and-go practice and review pages that students can use to practice skills in class, as homework or in your sub plans. You’ll find things like riddles, mazes, cut and paste, sorting challenges and more!

If you are looking for paperless review or practice for your students or a technology math center, try one of the digital options. This includes interactive activities google slides and self-checking picture reveals for google sheets.

This all sounds AWESOME! I want in!

Listen, Teacher-Friend. We get it.

We understand the daily pressures & demands of being a math teacher.

It's A LOT.

That's exactly why we created Math Geek Mama+. With our comprehensive collection of ready-to-use resources, you'll finally have more time (and brain space) to focus on what you love the most: helping your students learn & appreciate math!

And without giving up SO much of your own time and money in order to accomplish that! 🎉

Stop feeling overspent on both TIME and MONEY.

Join MGM+ and finally learn what it means to enjoy some free time again. 😉

Here's how it works:


Choose the monthly plan for just $12/month, or choose the annual plan and get 2 months free! 🎉


You'll receive an email to create your login details, and you can start perusing & using MGM+ right away!


Download & print materials you need. Share digital resources with students. HAVE FUN with done-for-you resources!

I'm certain the resources in MGM+ are going to make your teaching life SO much easier.

I'm the owner and founder of, where I strive to help teachers love teaching math through engaging, purposeful activities, so they can build classrooms full of kids who love learning math.

As a former math teacher, I know how difficult it can be to draw students in and engage them in the discovery and wonder of math topics. And I know how challenging it can be to try & teach through inquiry & problem solving when all you've been handed is a textbook!

Here at MGM+, I want to help your students go beyond the textbook, with its rules and procedures that seem irrelevant to our lives, and instead, discover that math can be beautiful and exciting, & that they can in fact, be successful.

I can't wait to help you with so many of the stresses that come along with teaching!


Check out what other teachers are saying about MGM+ resources:

YOU can be one of these happy teachers, too!

With SO many middle school math resources out there, what makes MGM+ different?

So glad you asked! 😉

  • Math Geek Mama+ is a growing library of unique math resources and you get access to ALL of it. No more buying individual activities, lessons, or games on TpT. Just log into the MGM+ dashboard, go to the grade/unit you need and grab your instant download. You don't have to deal with ads OR any pesky checkout process!
  • As a Math Geek Mama+ member, you'll get EARLY access to new Math Geek Mama resources. New ones are added first to MGM+ and will not be added to the MGM shop for 3-6 months. 
  • You get to help us decide what resources we create to add to MGM+. We can't wait to get your feedback so we can create even more super helpful activities for you & your students!
  • MGM+ is also helpful for tutors or those looking for fun and engaging intervention for kids who are behind or struggling. We want you to be able to help ALL of the students in your classroom. 😊

Get INSTANT ACCESS to everything in Math Geek Mama+ today!

With your MGM+ membership, you'll get access to some of our most popular resources such as:


Teachers (and students!) love these problem-of-the-day products - for every month of the year! You'll get printable calendars & google slides, so you can choose which one works better for your classroom.


By far one of our most popular resources, Skittles Math helps students better understand place value, order of operations, probability and more!


Students practice math while also uncovering letters to discover a secret (silly) message. Find a growing number of riddle pages for various math skills.


Help students practice necessary skills such as order or operations while also building algebraic thinking skills.


Find fun scavenger hunts for each grade level to give students a chance to get up and move around the room while practicing necessary skills.


Giving kids a chance to analyze the steps and final answer helps them deepen their understanding and articulate their thinking. You'll find a growing collection of "Is it true?" tasks inside MGM+.

Raise your hand if you have some questions!


No. We are currently working on rounding out each unit so that all standards are covered, but it's not there yet.

The resources included are meant to supplement your current curriculum so that you can teach in a way that makes sense and brings out the best in your students. No more boring worksheets or textbook problem sets!


After you sign up, you will receive an email with login instructions. To begin, you'll create a password for your account. Then simply login to MGM+ to access all grade levels. Download the resources you need with the click of a button and get teaching!


If you've been following Math Geek Mama for a minute, you might already own a lot of the resources available on the MGM+ site.

BUT with more than $400 worth of products already on the site, exclusive resources not available elsewhere and new resources added all the time, I still feel confident you'll get your money's worth!

In addition, every resource includes an answer key, and if you download a freebie from, it might not come with the answer key.


Yes! New materials are added to the site each month and members will also receive a monthly email update to let you know what's new so you don't miss a thing.

Plus, members have the opportunity to request specific resources or math topics, so you can be a part of helping us design and create engaging math tasks that are *just* what you need!


Yes! We are happy to work with your school or district to get you signed up. Simply use the form on this page to get started and we will handle the invoice/payment with your school.


If you are on the monthly plan, you can cancel at anytime, no questions asked, but you will lose access to the materials. Please note, however, that you will not receive a refund for prior months due to the digital nature of the materials (they cannot be returned).

If you are on the annual plan, you are also free to cancel at anytime and will not be charged again, but you will immediately lose access to the materials. We do not refund or prorate cancellations of the annual plan.

Ready to unlock a world of math resources to help you revitalize your lessons, engage your students, and save yourself some precious time?

Let us help you alleviate so many of the burdens that come with being a GREAT math teacher!

Here's EVERYTHING you'll get when you join MGM+:

  • Access to ALL MATERIALS for Grades 5-8
  • Priority Access to New Products & Resources (3-6 months before they go in the shop!)
  • Standards-Aligned Materials
  • Inquiry/Problem-Based Lessons
  • Warm-Ups & Exit Tickets
  • Small Group Games & Math Centers
  • Independent Practice Activities (mazes, riddles, cut & paste, etc.)
  • Digital Practice (such as for Google Slides & Google Sheets)
  • Full Year Review: Problem of the Day Calendars & Google Slides
  • Fun Extras such as Math Card Games, Dice Games, Logic Puzzles & More
  • New Resources Added Often!



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